Note: Map data was populated from state and other AML websites in 2008 when the AML Portal was launched. For current data, please click on the links to the state agency websites found in the individual pop-up windows.

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The purpose of the Abandoned Mine Lands (AMLs) Portal is to provide “one voice” messaging from U.S. Federal environmental and land management agencies related to the environmental, health, and safety impacts of AMLs. It serves as an information repository about the different types of AML sites and their associated environmental, health, and safety issues and also highlights federal, state, local, and tribal resources and success in AML reclamation activity.

The AML Web Portal was created by the Federal Mining Dialogue (FMD)—a national level forum of Federal agencies working together and committed to enhancing the collaboration, coordination, and partnership needed to address the complex issues surrounding the nation’s AML sites. The FMD is focused on bringing together Federal agencies to identify and discuss technical and policy issues associated with the identification, cleanup, and reuse of AML sites across the country.

Disclaimer: Each of the individual FMD member agencies reserves, to the fullest extent, the right to set its own priorities and policies related to projects, funds, and activities as it deems appropriate, consistent with applicable laws and within the context of each agency’s programs and responsibilities. The FMD has no authority to overrule or oversee any decisions of the FMD member agencies. The FMD does not propose or promulgate any regulations. The FMD does not initiate or implement any enforcement and/or regulatory oversight. The participating agencies of the FMD intend, through their participation, only to improve the internal management of the Federal Government. This web portal and the activities of the FMD are not intended to create any right, benefit, or trust responsibility, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity or by any other means by any person, entity, or party against the FMD member agencies, the Federal Government or any Federal employees, or other persons. While FMD member agencies have contributed information to this portal regarding abandoned mines, the FMD members make no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of that information. The FMD member agencies remind the public that all abandoned mines, whether or not identified in this AML web portal, should be considered as unsafe for public entrance.

Staying Safe

Learn about dangers and how to avoid them.

Extent of Problem

Learn about how AMLs affect your health and the environment.

What’s Being Done

Learn about clean up efforts, policy and more.

About AMLs

Find out where they are and what different types exist.