Health Concerns
A higher demand for outdoor recreation poses health risks like radiation exposure, poisoned fish, and contaminated soil, water, and air.

Increased population growth is also reflected in higher demand for outdoor recreation on public lands. Recreation areas, national by-ways, and campground facilities on public lands can be located in proximity to AML sites. Use of Off-Highway Vehicles often transpires at AML sites amid risks of dangerous shafts, and exposure to contaminants in the soil, water and air. Recreational fishing can place anglers in proximity of AML sites, and is impacted by decreased fish population among polluted waters stemming from AML sites, and available fish may pose significant uptake of contaminants when consumed.

Uranium mines pose the added threat of radiation exposure to the list of health concerns. The mining of uranium ores by underground and surface methods produces large and small amounts of bulk waste material. These materials contain naturally occurring radioactive components and become exposed to the environment through mining activities. Because the waste rock and soil have little or no practical use, they are generally stored on land near the mine site. Continued exposure to these materials can cause severe health problems.